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What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners coverage provides financial protection against loss due to disasters, theft and accidents. Most standard policies include four essential types of coverage: coverage for the structure of your home, coverage for your personal belongings, liability protection and coverage for additional living expenses

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. Unlike auto insurance, homeowners insurance is does not have your traditional “cookie-cutter” model. Every home has its own unique policy tailored to the situation. We use the same guidelines to writing a 2 story home as we would a condo, or someone just wanting renters insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA

A homeowners policy is for people who own their own home. This may be either a house or a condominium: Essentially, if you are making payments on the home with ownership as the end goal you will need homeowners insurance. This type of policy will cover both the outside of the home and all the contents of your home. It will cover the majority of natural disasters (certain disasters like earthquakes may be excluded but you may add extra coverage for that specific purpose) and will allow you to replace or rebuild damaged property. If your home is broken into by a thief and items are stolen your insurance will help replace stolen items and pay for any damage in terms of vandalism that the thief did.

Renters Insurance - Protect Your Personal Property

With a Renters policy, the coverage includes the inner contents of the home, apartment, or room that you are renting. This is coverage for the break-ins, the natural disasters, fires, and other circumstances that are beyond your control. Even though your landlord will have a homeowners policy on the place you are living, it does not cover your own personal items as a renter, which is why renters insurance is essential.

Affordable Insurance Coverage for Your Home

Having Pennsylvania homeowners insurance is an important part of owning a home in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance can be purchased by individuals who live within the state and there are many insurance companies with different coverage options available. Even people who live outside of the state but own property in Pennsylvania can purchase Pennsylvania homeowners insurance. Pennsylvania is ranked as one of the states with the best homeowners insurance rates, and most people will qualify to purchase homeowners insurance. In fact, based on recent surveys, Pennsylvania beats the national average cost for home insurance.

Generally, homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania can cover risks that can arise against your personal property which could include fire damage, windstorm damage, vandalism, personal injury on your property (including your dog), theft of things like jewelry and electronics, water damage due to burst pipes or flooding, and other risks which might affect you.

The standard policy for homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania is designed to protect your personal property and to help cover or offset replacement costs in the event of a loss. A mortgage lender will require a home insurance policy with replacement cost coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Best homeowners insurance companies in Pennsylvania
The best homeowners insurance companies in Pennsylvania are generally those with the best ratings/reviews based on how they respond to home insurance claims, the average cost of insurance premiums and insurance rates, coverage options, coverage limits, and their other insurance products.

We can help you find the best homeowners insurance company and give you the added benefit of having a direct, local insurance agent.
How Much is Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania?
You can purchase homeowners insurance in Pittsburgh online, by phone, or through a local licensed insurance producer. According to, the average annual cost of home insurance in this area is $730 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. The standard homeowners insurance policy generally provides for the same types of coverage but will differ based on the insurance carrier and their average cost in the area.
What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Are Available?
You may qualify for discounts on your home insurance premium which can include:

Multi-Policy Discount – If you have more than one policy with the same insurance company (i.e. you have home insurance coverage and renters insurance with the same company), then there is typically a multi-policy discount for both of these types of policies. Having multiple policies (i.e. auto insurance with the same company) can also qualify for discounts on your home insurance policy as well. (Likewise, you may also get a discount on your car insurance policy by bundling with other insurance products.)

Discounts available with high deductibles – If you have a high deductible, then there are typically discounts available. Several insurance companies like will offer insurance discounts to clients that carry higher deductibles (typically $1,000 or more).

Multiple Dwelling/Home Discounts – This discount is often given to homeowners who own two homes. Rather than paying for two separate homeowners insurance policies, this discount can save you money on your homeowners insurance premium.

Other Discounts – Some companies even give discounts for homes that don’t require any grass cutting or home repairs. Having up-to-date smoke detectors and alarm systems is also another way homeowners can save money on their premiums.
Homeowners Insurance Coverages in Pittsburgh
The standard homeowners policy provides coverage for repairs or replacement of your home and the contents of your home if damaged or destroyed. Covered damage usually includes that which results from fire, smoke, theft and vandalism, or weather events such as wind, hail, and lightning. This covers direct damage to personal property and usually includes indirect damage, such as that caused by a falling tree or flying debri.

Most insurance policies also cover living expenses if you need to find an alternate place to live while the property is being repaired or rebuilt.

The following are typical types of home insurance coverages available, but there are many more options that can be discussed with your agent.

Property coverage – This is the most basic home insurance policy that is offered. This includes replacement cost and will protect things like your house, furniture, carpeting, appliances, and other things within your home. This coverage does not typically cover personal belongings that are outside of the home (i.e. a snowblower).

Liability Coverage – A liability coverage policy will help protect you in the event that someone is injured on your property or if you cause damage to someone else’s property. If you have items like a swimming pool, trampoline, or other things that could potentially cause injury on your property, then this type of liability protection is typically offered. Liability coverage can help you protect you in the event of legal action and may help cover legal fees and/or medical payments.

Other Home Insurance Coverages – There are usually coverages available that can increase the cost of your premium (i.e. water backup coverage), but will provide additional protection for destroyed personal property from events like earthquakes, floods, and hail (natural disasters) – be sure to ask your insurance agent whether any of these are needed and/or recommended in your area.

Items you may want to ask about specifically for home insurance coverage are mold damage, roof leaks, water damage, plumbing issues, animal attacks, tree removal, air conditioning, foundation repair, new or better roof replacement, and fences. Coverage may vary depending on whether any of these items are related to natural disasters.
How Do I Get Home Insurance Quotes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania residents have a number of options when it comes to finding homeowners insurance. As independent insurance agents in Pittsburgh, we are connected to a number of insurance carriers and are able to provide a variety of home insurance coverage options.

You can visit our website, call us at 412-533-2373, or stop by our office today to receive a free home insurance quotes comparison. We are proud to serve the communities of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

You can also use our convenient home insurance quote form.
Common Homeowners Insurance Perils in Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania, homeowners may experience insurance perils from fire, vandalism, theft, and wind damage and coverage may provide protection for the dwelling and other personal belongings, as well as provide additional living expenses in some cases. The extent of protection depends on the insurance carrier and applicable insurance policies.
How to Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania
We know people are searching for the “cheapest homeowners insurance” and we strongly encourage you to find the best deal. Be cautious to ensure that your homeowners insurance policy provides enough coverage in addition to being affordable and meeting your budget. You might save a little now by finding the cheapest homeowners insurance, but without proper coverage, you might find yourself with expensive replacement costs in the event of a loss.

Most homeowners insurance policies in Pennsylvania have reasonable costs and the differences in rates may not be all that much. Cheap homeowners insurance may save you only a few dollars a month by cutting personal property coverage, but this may cost you in the long run. It’s important to work with an independent insurance broker who can help you find the right insurance company and the best insurance coverage for you.

(Tip: Sometimes finding the best and cheapest homeowners insurance is to work with an insurance broker to combine your different policies such as your home and auto insurance.)
Do You Need Flood Insurance in Pittsburgh?
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed a flood zone map, which can help you determine if your home is located in a geographical high-risk area. If so, you may be required to purchase flood insurance as part of your coverage. You may also be interested in learning more about the National Flood Insurance Program created by FEMA (The National Flood Insurance Program provides insurance to help reduce the socio-economic impact of floods.)

Like homeowners or renters insurance, prices for flood insurance depend on several factors such as location and the amount of coverage. Most home insurance companies have some sort of available flood insurance option.
Do You Need Hail Insurance in Pittsburgh?
Hail can cause significant property damage to homes, vehicles, and other personal items. Areas that are more at risk for hail storms will cost more to insure against. Hail insurance is offered by many homeowners insurance companies in Pennsylvania.
Do I Need Hurricane Insurance in Pittsburgh?
Hurricane insurance is offered by many homeowners insurance companies in Pennsylvania. If you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes, this coverage may be required as part of your policy.
Do You Need Windstorm Insurance?
Windstorm insurance (also known as a named-peril or open peril policy) provides coverage specific to natural disasters such as windstorms.
Do You Need Earthquake Insurance in Pittsburgh?
Earthquakes can cause significant property damage and loss of life. Standard coverage for homeowners insurance does not typically include earthquakes, so it is important to check with your carrier on options for this type of protection. Pennsylvania homeowners can find a lot of information online regarding the history of earthquakes in their local area as well as get information from their current homeowners insurance companies.
Do You Need Sinkhole Insurance in Pittsburgh?
Most Pennsylvania home insurance companies do not often cover sinkholes as a standard part of their policy as there is some debate as to whether these are caused by Mother Nature or human activity, but some carriers do offer optional coverage. This type of coverage is not included by most home policies, so it will have to be requested or purchased at an extra cost. If you have concerns about sinkholes in your area, be sure to ask one of our agents or your current home insurance company.
Which is the Best Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania?
Finding the best home insurance in Pennsylvania really comes down to evaluating your needs, the coverage required for your property, and your budget. You can spend hours finding and comparing different policies, but the best way to find the best insurance is to work with an independent insurance broker.
Your Pittsburgh Insurance Agent for Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania
We work with the best home insurance companies to help find our clients affordable homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania. If you need affordable home insurance or would like to review your current home insurance coverage, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started with your home insurance in Pennsylvania.
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In addition to offering home insurance in Pennsylvania, we also offer other insurance services such as car insurance and life insurance and can help you find the best insurance rates.

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