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What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is an important investment that protects your personal property against accidents and other disasters that you could incur when living in a rental property. Your TV, laptop, jewelry and other personal belongings can all be replaced in the event of a covered loss due to theft, fire, or storm damage. 

Renters insurance does not just cover belongings inside your house or apartment, the coverage can extend to items in your backyard, patio, and even your car. While it does not replace auto insurance, in a covered theft from your car, you can rest easy knowing you have replacement cost coverage if your belongings are stolen.

The best renters insurance companies also offer personal liability coverage options that protect you in the event you are found responsible for property or bodily damage that occurred in your covered location. Medical payments and legal fees that you are found responsible for can be covered with the right renters insurance policy.

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What personal property coverage does renters insurance provide?

Renters insurance typically covers the cost to replace personal property when you’ve had a covered loss. Personal belongings, including clothing, furniture, and devices can be covered in the event of theft, smoke, or damage from a storm.
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Personal Liability Coverage Options

Most of the best renters insurance policies provide liability coverage as a standard feature. Liability insurance covers medical expenses, medical payments, and property damage if you are found legally responsible for an event that occurred in the place you are renting. Renters insurance can also help pay for legal fees in the event of being sued over an accident that happened in your home.

Additional Living Expenses

Renters insurance also provides additional coverage for temporary increases to living expenses in covered events. In the case of fire, severe weather, or other covered events where you temporarily cannot stay in the building you are renting, renters insurance can help cover the cost of staying in a hotel until it is safe to return. This is a standard feature of renters insurance offered by Engarde Insurance Services in Pittsburgh.

Renters insurance options in Pittsburgh

Cost of Renters Insurance in Pittsburgh PA

The average cost of renters insurance might surprise you, when considering the value a renters insurance policy provides. For the price of a few lattes a week, you can feel a sense of ease knowing the personal property in your house and car are covered in the case of covered damage or theft.
While there are multiple factors that contribute to a renters insurance policy cost, some of the cheapest renters insurance policies are below $15 a month. the best renters insurance polices tend to be more, but offer supreme policy features and additional coverage that provide peace of mind.

The best way to understand which is right for you is to talk with a local expert and find the most effective coverage for your budget. Engarde Insurance Services offers options for renters insurance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to fit any budget. Give us a call or get a free quote online.

What factors determine the cost of renters insurance in Pittsburgh?

Multiple factors that could affect the cost when purchasing renters insurance include:
  • The type and size of your dwelling
  • Whether you live in a high risk area, such as near a river or wooded area
  • How many claims have been made on your policy’s history
  • Safety equipment (such as smoke detectors and deadbolts) in the rental home

The price of renters insurance can also vary depending on the renters insurance companies available in your local area. Some carriers can also provide discounts on your be applied Engarde Insurance Services is here to help you compare rates and find the coverage you need for your life and personal property. Give us a call or contact us and a local agent will give you a personalized quote.

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Renters Insurance FAQ

Why choose us?

Some renters insurance providers only offer low coverage limits with not enough coverage, but Engarde Insurance Services provides the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area with affordable, pay monthly options that provide personal property coverage for your computers, cameras, and your most expensive personal property.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?​
Renters insurance is required by many landlords to live within their building, but it is not a requirement for renters in Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania. However, renters insurance covers damages in many events, making having it an easy decision for many renters. For more information on insurance from the Pennsylvania state website, click here.
Who Should Consider Purchasing Renters Insurance?
Renters insurance is an often overlooked, but very valuable form of insurance that any renter should consider. Typically, a renters insurance premium is very affordable, therefore making it accessible to college students, those just starting to rent, and those looking to save money alike. Regardless of your budget, if you are renting, it is a good decision to buy renters insurance and protect your property with solid coverage.
What Kind of Damage is Not Covered by Renters Insurance?​
Renters insurance doesn’t normally cover damage from floods, so if you are in need of coverage for flood damage, flood insurance is a policy we can help with, but most Pennsylvania renters find renter’s insurance to provide the coverage options they need.
What Are the Coverage Limits of Renters Insurance?
The coverage limits of renters insurance can vary, based on the policies involved. Most renters opt for a basic plan that has a certain dollar amount allotted to different kinds of losses. However, there are coverage options that offer higher amounts as it relates to property value. For those who want to be insured at a higher level and need more in the way of liability coverage, a personal umbrella insurance policy might be right for you. Give us a call for more info. (412) 533-2373
Which Renters Insurance Company Should I Choose?​
You may know of national renters insurance companies, such as State Farm, out there that claim to have good rates, but don’t know the best coverage for the local Pennsylvania market. Engarde has knowledgeable agents, who can help you save money by bundling renters insurance with other policies. If you are looking for the best renters insurance in Pittsburgh and want to work with a local company, Engarde Insurance is the insurance company for you. Contact us to get a free renters insurance quote. (412) 533-2373

Well if you put our rates up against it’s a great question, we stand against our competitors: State Farm or Nationwide, you will find our rates are a lot less, more coverage and better service.
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